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Photoshoot in Thessaloniki

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Keep your memories from Greece alive forever. Remember moments under the bright sun, from a relaxing evening, or a crisp night. Save the energy and emotion of your getaway to Thessaloniki or Chalkidiki forever! We strive to leave you with pictures that capture the essence of your trip. Have a family vacation photoshoot, keep pictures from a romantic escape, or simply be a model for a day and showcase your persona in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

The city of Thessaloniki has a deep, rich history, which is kept alive by the countless monuments and relics of its 3000 year old past. Have a professional photographer in Thessaloniki snap some high quality shots of you and your family alongside them.

Chalkidiki has some of the most beautiful beaches and mountains in Greece. A photoshoot in Chalkidiki with such a background is the best way to capture your summer moments, or even have material for professional use.

Photoshoots can be done on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, the picturesque villages of Chalkidiki or the cozy streets of Thessaloniki by our professional photographers. Choose your background landscape among the blue sea, the green mountains with rich vegetation, or take a piece of Greek Civilization with you from one of the many ancient sites. Take advantage of the bright colors, the face of a big city or the spirit of antiquity. We have a wide variety of suggestions for every taste.

From EUR 140

+2 Additional options

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  • Pick up and transport to the photoshoot site.  No pick up necessary if you choose the immediate surroundings of your accommodation site.
  • Strike a pose, say “cheese” and enjoy your photoshoot!
  • Be a little patient and in less than a week enjoy your memories in high resolution, fully processed and ready to be uploaded or printed.


  • Transportation from your accommodation site (up to 4 people) to the selected locations and back (Extra fee of 20€ for Chalkidiki)
  • Up to 2 hours of photoshooting
  • Processing and delivery of your digital photos within a week


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