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Wine-Tasting in Thessaloniki

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Wine tasting at Ktima Gerovassiliou in Thessaloniki is the activity that will satisfy all your senses. Through our exclusive Grekaddict tour with Ktima Gerovassiliou, you will have the opportunity to taste worldly recognized Greek wines and enjoy a tour of this stunning vineyard. Don’t miss this unique chance to learn how to taste wine like a pro!

We all know the latin saying that goes, “in wine, there is truth”. As for Gerovassiliou wines go, the truth is that their wines will intoxicate your senses and soul. The winery is located just 25 kilometers outside of Thessaloniki, on the hilly area of Epanomi, where the climate and love for wine create ideal conditions for harvest. The love and passion Gerovassiliou family has for the wine harvesting and manufacturing is reflected in the incredible atmosphere of the estate and the great care with which they nurture their vines. The winery produces both Greek and foreign wines both of which are widely famous due to the winery’s blend of state of the art technology with tradition. All this will grant you the memorable experience of wine tasting in one of the most famous wineries in Greece!

All this can be witnessed in a private tour of the estate and the vinification process. You will be accompanied by an expert that will guide you through each phase of the production process from gathering and making the wine to maturing and bottling of the wines. This intriguing tour will surely bring you closer to understanding the art of wine production. You will get the chance to see the private wine museum containing never before seen artifacts as well as walk around the wine cellar. The tour ends in the winery’s cozy restaurant with an endless view of the vineyard which is situated just below the slopes of Mt Olympus. Here, you can indulge in Grekaddict’s exclusive offering of tasting 8 different types of wines, accompanied with gourmet finger foods. This is a unique opportunity to taste the rare Greek wine, Malagousia for which the Gerovassiliou winery is famous for. The other wines you will taste include other famous Greek wines such as Limnio and Asyrtiko along with foreign varieties like Chardonnay and Syrah. The wine expert will give you some useful tips and tricks on how to properly drink wine to fully appreciate and recognize flavours and differences among the wines. After this tour, you will proudly declare that you learned how to taste wine like a pro!     

From EUR 40

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Tour Of The Vineyard

You will be welcomed by a winery personnel, who will start the private tour in the backyard of the facilities. Here, you will be able to see exceptional modern art sculptures created by some of the most famous contemporary Greek artists. 

See the vinification process

Your wine tour continues in the premises of the winery where you will be able to understand the production process of both white and red wine. The tour guide will walk you through the maturation area where you will see different barrels in which wine is preserved. 

Grasp the wine history

What makes Gerovassiliou estate distinctive is the private museum that the winery has, dedicated to the art of collecting and enjoying wine. Here you will see the massive collection of wine corks along with ancient amphoras that are completely preserved in their original condition. 


  • Finger foods
  • Bottled water 
  • 8 glasses of wine for tasting 


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