Sea Kayak Fishing Experience in Halkidiki

From EUR 70

Combine two exciting activities in one unique experience! Enjoy exciting kayaking with fishing and learn how to  catch and prepare fish by yourself!

Get a chance to experience something truly unique while on your vacation in beautiful Halkidiki. We are sure by now you are familiar with the incredible beauty of Halkidiki and its surrounding islands. Its amazing landscape of green pine trees and crystal blue water makes this place perfect for many exciting water activities. Imagine learning something new such as kayaking and fishing whilst being surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Diaporos Island. We think that it doesn’t get much better than that! The Vourvourou bay is perfect for kayaking due to its calm waters and its rich sea life is suitable for fishing. 

Can’t make up your mind what to do first, kayaking or fishing? We suggest doing both of them at the same time! Spend a perfect day kayaking to the shores of Diaporos Island and then go to the fish farm and learn how to fish! But the fun doesn’t stop there. After you catch the fish you will get to learn how to prepare the fish and eventually you will get to enjoy your culinary skills. This trip is a perfect opportunity to gather your group of friends and enjoy this water activity in Halkidiki together. The best part is that you do not need any previous experience!

ou can learn how to kayak and at the same time learn how to fish from certified professionals from the fish farm. This experience is further enhanced with the breathtaking surrounding of Diaporos Island in Vourvourou bay.

From EUR 70

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  • Departure from Vourvourou
  • Kayaking to the beaches and short break
  • Arriving to the fish farm
  • Return to the village and preparing the fish


  • Combine two exciting activities in one unique experience!\
  • Enjoy exciting kayaking with fishing
  • Learn how to catch and prepare fish by yourself!


  1. Vourvourou