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Windsurfing lesson in Thessaloniki

Seize the opportunity to learn a new exciting sport and have an amazing time with your group of friends with this Windsurfing Lesson in Thessaloniki! Give windsurfing a chance because one thing is guaranteed – you will have the most memorable experience!
If you’re a person who finds lying around and sunbathing the whole day to be a bit boring and you’re in need of an adrenaline rush, then look no further than this Windsurfing Lesson in Thessaloniki. This windsurfing lesson require no prior experience, just the desire to try something new and have a little fun! Located in the small village of Angelochori, 30 km from Thessaloniki, your lessons will take place in a famous water sport extravaganza destination. With the help of a professional instructor, you’ll learn how to combine the elements of surfing and sailing for one memorable ride during your windsurfing in Thessaloniki activity.


  • 2 hours of windsurfing (group session of 5 people maximum or a private session for an additional €35)
  • 1 bottle of water
  • Free photographs and/or videos
  • Changing room
  • Outdoor showers
  • Free public parking
  • Lounge area
  • Public restroom
  • Rescue boat
  • Life jackets


  • Transfer to and from the destination
  • Gratuities

Additional Info

  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, your towel and swimsuit.
  • Confirmation will be received within 8 hours of booking, subject to availability.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.


2 hours

  1. First part of Windsurfing lesson (20 minutes) – Firstly, the certified instructor gives you basic lessons on how to raise the sail and other useful tips that you must know before going into the water.
  2. Theoretical approach (5 minutes) – Because the surfboard is solely powered by wind, there will be a necessary theoretical briefing on the mechanics of the sport.
  3. Sailing on the windsurf beach simulator (15 minutes) – Before you get into the water, you will apply your instructions by practicing on the beach simulator, so that you get a general feeling of windsurfing. This will definitely build your confidence for sailing later on.
  4. Getting into the water – This is where the fun begins! Even though you are on board by yourself, have no fear, as the instructor will be close by to help you in case you need it.


  • Work with a professional instructor.
  • Give your relaxing vacation an adrenaline rush.
  • Experience warm sun and lucent water.
  • Relieve stress and experience true freedom.


  1. Néa Michanióna