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Sunset Hike at Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki

To all you hopeless romantics, although the chase for love is over, why not chase a sunset on a beautiful summer day on this Sunset Hike at Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki.

What better way to end a summer’s day than to chase the sunset overlooking a beautiful pine forest of Halkidiki? Embark on a journey starting from the small village of Agios Pavlos and get lost in the mesmerizing pine forest up in the mountains with this trek in Halkidiki. Watch just how the bees collect nectar from the pine trees to bring to their hive and eventually create the honey they store in the honeycombs. This trekking route in Halkidiki is ideal for those that wish to be one with their surroundings and the Greek outdoors.

How about taking your loved one on a romantic excursion? This trek in Halkidiki is ideal for you honeymoon couples, or simply other groups of two people. Not only is this trek in Halkidiki absolutely breathtaking, but it is an easy one too! All fitness and experience levels are more than welcome to sign up for this activity, children above the age of 6 can also be a part of the fun. Depending on whether you wish to partake in the 4 or the 7 kilometer route, the time may vary between 2-3 hours. 

The excursion begins 180 meters away from Agios Pavlos, near a 20th century chapel.

Make your way down a secret path that cuts across the pine forest of Sithonia where bees are busy at work collecting nectar from the pine trees.

Pause for a moment to watch the sunset on a peak overlooking the Toroneos Gulf.

If the 4 kilometers doesn’t seem to fulfil your desires, extend your walk for another 3 kilometers and  further explore into the green pine forest on the Sithonia Mountain.


  • Experienced tour guides
  • Organization and preparation by the team for the journey
  • First aid kit for any injuries and any necessary medication
  • A bottle of water, fresh fruit, a small meal 
  • Photos that will be taken by a photographer during the hike


  1. Néa Kallikrátia