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Thessaloniki Food and Culture 6 hour Morning Tour

From EUR 129

Allow us to ease your mind in this department with our Thessaloniki Food and Culture 6 hour Tour. You worry about building up your appetite and we’ll help you take care of it.

Visitors in Thessaloniki have a lot to do. There are countless things to see and places to visit, from historical and cultural sights to its amazing seaside walkway. It takes a lot of energy to explore the city and people get hungry! Then, you have even more options to choose from, since our city has unlimited food and drink choices. Allow us to ease your mind on this matter with our 6 hour Thessaloniki Food and Culture Tour. You should only worry about building up your appetite, and we’ll help you take care of it.

Trust our experienced hosts to take you on a journey of flavors in our beautiful city. Your host will walk you through parts of town less visited so you can see what everyday life is like. Stop by local bakeries for snacks and pastries, they go well with some coffee! Enjoy your coffee as Greeks do with conversation about food or other traditions of the region. Move on to visit the open market, a place words can’t fully describe. See how downtown residents get their hands on fresh food and other goods.

Continue the tour by visiting eating establishments that would be hard to locate on your own. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory, we have you covered! Enjoy lunch and dinner flavors or sweets and pastries. Go behind the curtain and see how some of the delights are prepared, get special treatment from your hosts! Add unique essence to your visit in Thessaloniki by way of your taste buds and stomach. Your experience is now fulfilled and complete.

From EUR 129

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Meet your experienced tour host and start your journey with a few early day treats in the form of pastries and/or sweets along with some coffee and good conversation.

Walk around beautiful parts of town and find out more about local life. Once you reach the open market and see how food shopping is traditionally done, hunger is bound to kick in again. Satisfy it with lunch flavors and beverages from carefully chosen eating establishments.

Take a stroll through neighborhoods you probably wouldn’t think of visiting on your own, get a feel of everyday life in Thessaloniki. Combine that with dinner flavors, drinks and dessert. You’ll have a few extra privileges in some establishments and get special guest treatment.

At the end of the tour you will be left with many memories and wonderful tastes that will be a huge part of your experience in our city.


  • The 6-hr tour includes 5 drinks and 17 bites equivalent to a Greek breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Exclusive privileges from tour tasting locations, including behind the scenes access at some of the venues.
  • Professionally trained hosts with extensive knowledge about Greek food and culture.


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