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Hiking Tour at Porto Koufo in Halkidiki

What is better than having the chance to trek in Halkidiki alongside one of Greece’s biggest natural harbours while overseeing the small fishing boats bearing their daily catches. Discover Halkidiki's second leg with this Hiking Tour at Porto Koufo.

What is a visit to Halkidiki  without the chance to trek alongside the sea and indulge in delicious Greek seafood? Why not tick it off your bucket list by trekking in and around Porto Koufo. Porto Koufo is a small fishing village located 25 kilometers away from Neos Marmaras, situated on Halkidiki’s second peninsula, Sithonia. Porto Koufo is home to the largest natural harbour in Greece which was used by the German submarines during World War 2. Enrich your knowledge of Greek history with your friends and family during this trek in Halkidiki Let us interest you in a day of sun, sea, adventures and some of Port Koufo’s delicious daily sea catches! 

If you are not confident in trekking over difficult terrains then this is for you, this trekking route in Halkidiki is one of the easiest but most beautiful routes that we have to offer! Explore different kinds of rare plants and trees while admiring the beauty of the crystal clear waters. This activity can take up to 3 people at a time, children 7 years old and above are able to walk along too. The 8 kilometers covered takes approximately 3 hours to complete, at a maximum altitude of 200 meters. 

Meeting Point: Meet with your tour guide, 5 meters away from Porto Koufo, the largest and the most well-hidden natural harbor in Greece. 

Begin your journey: After the head start, you will continue down a path into a forest that alternates between beautiful vegetation and breathtaking views until reaching the southernmost end of Sithonia.

Reaching the rock formation and stunning view: A rock formation known as Kartalia appears, if you climb up the rocks, you will be in full sight of the blue sea and sky gracefully fusing together as one. 

Begin heading back: On the way back, you will take another small path through the greenery back to Porto Koufo.

Hang out: This is your opportunity to relax and enjoy the little village of Porto Koufo.


  • Experienced tour guides
  • Organization and preparation by the team for the journey
  • First aid kit for any injuries and any necessary medication
  • A bottle of water, fresh fruit, a small meal 
  • Photos that will be taken by a photographer during the hike


  1. Néos Marmarás