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Akti Elia to Agios Pavlos Hiking Tour in Halkidiki

Get lost amidst Halkidiki’s fruitful olive trees on this trekking route in Halkidiki. Immerse yourself into the Greek outdoors while getting the chance to be one with the colourful landscape with this Akti Elia to Agios Pavlos Hiking Tour in Halkidiki.

There is no better way to explore the hidden wonders of Greece than to take a walk through the undiscovered outdoors. This unique trekking route in Halkidiki coves a combination of green terrain, alongside blue waters, from Akti Elia to Agios Pavlo, located on the second peninsula of Halkidiki. Akti Elia is a small settlement with a total population of 6 people which live comfortably by the crystal waters. Along the way, the hike includes discovering secret routes, getting familiar with the great outdoors and picturesque sceneries filled with olive trees and pine cones that cover the forest floor. Agios Pavlos is the final destination of the trekking route in Halkidiki; it is also a small village that is located relatively close to the sea. Although it may be small, there are a number of different restaurants that can be visited; tasting the local olive oil is a must! 

What are you waiting for? Put yourself to the test and attempt this trekking route in Halkidiki, you don’t need experience to participate in these excursions but it is important to remember that the difficulty level is likely to vary. This specific route’s difficulty level is considered to be level 2 out of 6. This hike in Halkidiki is available for people above the age of 10, no more than 3 people can be allocated to one group, so grab a friend or 2 and join the fun! The 14 kilometers covered takes approximately 4 hours to complete, at an altitude of 300 meters. 

Meeting point: The journey begins 20 meters away from Akti Elia- a small settlement located on the second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia, directly by the sea.

Begin your adventure: The walk continues by trekking up to St. Paul hill, past a collection of both olive and pine trees, as well as past a beautiful 20th century chapel. 

Explore the pine forest: Follow a secret path that exposes the beauty of the pine forest in Sithonia where the bees roam freely collecting nectar from the pine trees.

Stop for the view: Make your way up to a peak which overlooks the Toroneos Bay and the blue, crystal  clear waters.

Head to Agios Pavlos: End your adventure by making your way into the village of Agios Pavlos.

Relax: Explore the village of Agios Pavlos.


  • Experienced tour guides
  • Organization and preparation by the team for the journey
  • First aid kit for any injuries and any necessary medication
  • A bottle of water, fresh fruit, a small meal 
  • Photos that will be taken by a photographer during the hike


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