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Dion and Litochoro History Tour from Thessaloniki

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Ever wonder why Mount Olympus was so popular among the Greek Gods? Or how about why Dion was once an ancient civilization to the Macedonians? Wear your comfortable shoes, because we will answer all your history questions on the Dion & Litochoro History Tour!

Ancient Greek history is quite popular around the world. We are confident that you are familiar that Zeus was the ruling God in Greek mythology. For those who wish to find out more about similar Greek mythologies and to learn more about Alexander the Great and his time here in Greece, then this is the tour for you! This Dion to Litchoto history tour includes visiting the village of Dion which has become popular over the years since archaeologists found remains of the ancient Macedonian civilization there. Dion is located at the foot of  Mount Olympus and it is just above one hour drive away from Thessaloniki. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and is filled with natural parks, landscapes and an abundance of different animal species. However, the one thing that has always made this mountain famous is the old belief that ancient Greek Gods used to live here. And the village of Dion is actually an ancient sanctuary for the mightiest god of them all- Zeus. 

Due to the mountain’s beauty it comes to no surprise that ancient Macedonians chose Dion as the place for their summer resident. Today, we can see what was left of their residence, the tombs of kings and ancient sculptures that decorated the building. Also, an archaeological museum was founded on this place so that all the remains are preserved and available for generations to come. On this history tour from Dion, you will be able to visit the famous archaeological park and the sanctuary of Zeus. You will find out first hand why this place was so important and sacred to Macedonians during the times of the king Philip II and his son Alexander the Great. Another stop on our history tour is the ancient theatres near Dion that still serve their function during the Mount Olympus festival that takes place annually. After our walk and soaking up all the knowledge, it is time for a small break in the traditional Greek village of Litochoro. This charming village is full of picturesque squares, small coffee shops and taverns. There is so much for you to learn and discover on this history tour from Dion to Litochoro!

From EUR 550

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Pick up from your hotel at 09:00 am

At 09:00 am your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Thessaloniki. Once you are all set it is time to head off to Dion.

Arriving to the archaeological park

The first stop on our tour is the archaeological park with the remains of great importance for ancient Macedonians during the rule of King Philip II and his son Alexander the Great.  

Visiting Sanctuaries and Theaters

The next stop on our tour is visiting sanctuaries of Olympic Gods and ancient Greek and Roman theatres. 

Arriving in Litochoro

After all the walking and exploring it is time to relax and enjoy beautiful Litochoro. Here, you can take a break and enjoy some coffee in a stunning environment.

Heading back to Thessaloniki

Once everyone has charged their batteries, it is time to head back to Thessaloniki. 


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