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Jewish Monuments Private Walking Tour in Thessaloniki

From EUR 250

Visit some of the most influential historic monuments to the once substantial Jewish population in the area on the Jewish Monuments Private Walking Tour in Thessaloniki. 
If learning about cultures and ancient history is something that you find truly exciting, then the Jewish Monuments Private Walking Tour in Thessaloniki was designed specifically with you in mind! Learn about the city that was gifted the name Mother of Israel, and discover the hidden history of pre-World War Two Thessaloniki where over 50 percent of the city’s population were Jewish residents. This three hour walking tour will introduce you to four historic Jewish monuments, including two synagogues that are still in operation, the monument of the Holocaust and the neighborhood of Valaoritou. Sign up for your private walking tour in Thessaloniki to learn all about the city’s Jewish heritage!


  • Licensed guide


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Additional Info

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • The tour is 3 hours long.
  • You will visit four Jewish monuments during the tour.

From EUR 250

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  1. Meeting point – We meet at 9 AM at a designated location.
  2. First stop – Our first stop will be at one of the two synagogues, the second one will be visited at a later period. One is called the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and the other is called the Monastirioton.
  3. Second stop – During the second stop we will pass by the monument of the holocaust which was built in remembrance of the 50,000 Greek Jews that were killed at a Nazi concentration camps.
  4. Lastly – The tour ends in the neighborhood of Valaoritou, all information concerning the Jewish population in Thessaloniki will be discussed during the tour.
  5. End of the tour – The tour ends at noon. You will then be able to explore the city!


  • Private tour with a licensed guide.
  • Visit four historic monuments.
  • Experience the rich history of the area.
  • Learn about culture and history of Thessaloniki.
  • Visit four historic monuments.


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