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Ottoman Monuments Walking Tour in Thessaloniki

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This Ottoman Walking Tour will take you around Thessaloniki to bear witness some of the most influential sites in both Turkish and Greek history.

Greece is home to one of the richest history known to man, with so many stories and extravagant antiquity; this Ottoman walking tour will help you get to learn all about this important era in Greek history right in Thessaloniki. The Greeks were ruled by the Turks for over 400 years, with that being said the Turkish culture has played a major influence over Greek tradition and culture. However, regardless of the everlasting Turkish rule over Greece and the Greek people, the Greeks stayed true to who they were, their heritage and most importantly their culture that they held onto so tightly. Even though Thessaloniki is known for its historical importance, it’s also known for many other things that you can visit, including its traditional taverns, its coffee shops, bars and it's extremely popular board walk right by the sea. 

If you are particularly interested to learn more about the Ottoman rule over the Greek society and just what influences and remains are left from centuries ago, then this Ottoman monuments walking tour will not let you down. This walking tour around Thessaloniki consists of 4 major monuments that will be visited on this 3 hour tour. This includes visiting mosques, traditional baths and open markets. This Ottoman walking tour is a relaxing and insightful activity to learn about Thessaloniki and the history behind it!

From EUR 250

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