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Vergina and Pella Private Tour from Thessaloniki

From EUR 550

Discover the ancient Greek capital of Vergina and observe the historic artefacts preserved to tell the story of the country’s greatest ruler – Alexander the Great, on this Vergina and Pella private tour from Thessaloniki!
The Vergina and Pella Private Tour from Thessaloniki is one of the most popular tours in Thessaloniki for history lovers. You have the opportunity to explore the historic cities of Vergina and Pella, take in the remarkable ruins and wander the halls of its fabulous museums. On this tour, you will see the Royal Tomb of King Philip II, wander the ancient sites of Pella, gather stories of Alexander the Great and learn about ancient Macedonian times. The Vergina and Pella private tour from Thessaloniki will take you on a truly unforgettable journey through history to visit the king’s birthplace in Pella along with the outstanding archaeological sites from this famous era.


  • Transportation from Thessaloniki and back
  • Certified tour guide


  • Entrance fees for museums
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities

Additional Info

  • Wear comfortable clothes


6 hours

From EUR 550

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  1. Departure to Vergina – Our historic tour starts early in the morning at 9:00 AM o’clock sharp with a departure to Vergina. As soon as we arrive at Vergina we will tour around the Royal Tomb and ancient monuments and museums.
  2. Free Time – After the exciting tour around the Vergina sites you will have some free time to enjoy lunch in one of the local restaurants overlooking the beautiful surrounding landscape.
  3. Arrival to Pella – Soon after the free time we will continue our journey heading to Pella. We are expected to arrive in Pella at 2:00 PM and start the tour around the museum where the most significant artefacts of Aigaion time are preserved.
  4. Arrival back at Thessaloniki – After our tour around the sites of Pella we will head off towards Thessaloniki. Our arrival back is expected to be around 5:00 PM.


  • Explore historic Vergina and Pella.
  • See once-in-a-lifetime artefacts from ancient Greece.
  • Learn about Alexander the Great.
  • Explore everyday life in ancient Macedonian times.
  • Go back in time and visit ancient Greece.


  1. ThessalonĂ­ki