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Thessaloniki Walking Tour

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Take a walk among the centuries old monuments that stand tall reminding people of the rich history of Thessaloniki. Find out the stories this city holds in this exclusive walking tour of Thessaloniki! 

Thessaloniki may not be the capital of Greece, but when it comes to historical legacy this city can’t be neglected! The centuries old monuments and buildings are spread all over the city and the stories and legends that they bear are definitely something you want to hear. Thessaloniki was over the centuries under the influence of many nations and cultures, which is reflected in the monuments that are left behind. However, ancient buildings are not the only quality of Thessaloniki - its picturesque squares, charming cafes and restaurants are another beautiful aspect of this city. Get the chance to walk across the streets of Thessaloniki while enjoying these gorgeous views, fresh air and sunny weather. Another noteworthy quality of this tour, is the enthusiastic and experienced, licensed tour guide that will show you all the best places and tell you all the most interesting stories of Thessaloniki. 

If you are visiting Thessaloniki and are searching for things to do, then start off with this Thessaloniki walking tour to learn the history and culture behind this city! Our tour will start from a popular landmark of Thessaloniki, the OTE Tower. From this building you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of Thessaloniki while listening about historical background of the city. Also, you will have a chance to taste traditional Greek coffee and taste some delicious snacks. After,  we will start walking towards the symbol of the city, the White Tower. Here, your expert guide will tell you stories and facts about this monumental so you can get a better understanding of the history behind it. Next, we will continue walking to the Galerius Palace, at the heart of the city. This incredible place is full of historical monuments like the throne room, atrium, basilica, and the famous Triumphal arch (Kamara). Another stunning stop on our tour is Rotonda, which is the second best preserved pantheon after the one in Rome. The monument is decorated with spectacular mosaics. Finally, we will end our walking tour with the visit of St. Panteleimon church and the church of the Transfiguration of Christ to learn their historical significance and what role they place today in Thessaloniki. Do not miss this exclusive offer to get to know beautiful Thessaloniki.

From EUR 250

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Meeting with the tour guide

You will meet your enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide at the OTE tower in the centre of Thessaloniki. There, the guide will introduce you to the historical background of the city while you admire the 360 degree panoramic view from the top of the tower.

Walking to the White Tower

The next stop on our itinerary is the famous White Tower. This landmark of Thessaloniki is bearing so many facts and legends of the past times and the experienced tour guide will walk you around making sure that you hear all the interesting facts.

Walking to the Galerius Palace 

The next stop is the Galerius Palace that is full of historical monuments dating all the way from the Romans time. There are many things that you will see there; such are the Triumphal Arch (Kamara), basilica, throne room, Rotonda and many more. 

Church of St Panteleimon and Transfiguration of Christ

The last items on our ‘to do list’ are the church of St Panteleimon that was built in 14th century and the little chapel of the Transfiguration of Christ. 


  • 3h tour with licensed tour guide
  • Light snack 


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