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Hiking At Mount Olympus, Home Of The Gods

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Once home to the twelve Gods of Greece, Mount Olympus is now an outdoor enthusiasts playground. Filled with waterfalls, breathtaking mountain slopes, Christian monuments and ancient and medieval sites, Mount Olympus is definitely a destination for hikers to explore. Although it is the tallest mountain in Greece, hiking through Mt. Olympus requires no technical skills, with the exception of those who choose to climb to the summit of Mytikas (2918m).

Our starting point will be at the Mylli (Myloi) spot which is 400 meters above sea level. From there you will hike towards Prionia (1100m), which is a 5 hour trail. This charming and quaint trail filled with wooden bridges, waterfalls and of course signs to lead you through the Enipeas gorge is a easygoing and enjoyable hike. The second half of your hike will consist walking past Agio Spileo to reach the Monastery of St. Dionysus, which eventually leads to the trail for the magnificent waterfalls of Enipeas. A trained guide will be right by your side the whole time to lead and assist you from start to finish. Although this hike does require some endurance, the beautiful landscape of Mount Olympus will be nothing less than rewarding!

From EUR 95

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