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Treasure Hunt at the Enipeas Canyon

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Embark on a mythical hunt through the mountain of the Greek Gods, on this treasure hunt at the Enipeas Canyon! Our adventure begins at Prionia, a middle ground where the last concrete road ends and the hiking trails to the summit begin. We will hike towards the village of Litohoro through the canyon of Enipeas, searching for mythological “treasures” along the way. The group will be divided into teams of 6-8 people, each on the lookout for the treasures - all relating to the 12 gods of Mount Olympus. Clues consisting of landscape pictures of the items’ location will be handed out to each team. The first team to reach St. Dionysius Monastery wins the challenge!

Each team will be given a map to help them find the hidden treasures along the scenic trail, which consists of wooden bridges and waterfalls. The guide will help you, as well as teach you a few things about the mountain’s history throughout the excursion. Once the treasure hunt is over, a small feast will be waiting for you and your friends at a traditional village nearby. Combine history, hiking, and entertainment all in one adventurous treasure hunt amongst the Gods of Mount Olympus!



From EUR 75

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