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Ancient Greek Massage

Escape the chaos of everyday life and return to the wisdom of Hippocrates in this soothing and relaxing Ancient Greek Massage!

Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and pleasure at Thessaloniki’s finest hammam spa! This Ancient Greek Massage will transport you back to ancient times, combining tradition with innovation, using powder, brush, cupping and a fine blend of essential oils. Leave all your stress and worries at the door, as you enjoy every second of this luxurious massage at this Thessaloniki hammam spa. Indeed, if you were looking for an elegant haven for the utmost relaxation, then this hammam spa in Thessaloniki is just the place. Decked in marble flooring and walls, warm lighting, and relaxing room temperature, the ambience of this hammam spa in Thessaloniki is the absolute escape from your hectic schedule.

This Ancient Greek Massage is the epitome of invigoration and pleasure. With world-class expertise with local flavors, the hammam’s highly trained spa technicians will listen to your specific requests and concerns, creating a unique and personalized experience for every client. The hammam spa can also certainly attend to special requests such as bachelor parties, conference and business events as well as corporate incentive programs and business gifts. Whether it be a spa date for yourself, a bachelor party for you and your friends or a one of a kind business gift, this Ancient Greek Massage will not disappoint! So book your appointment, and enjoy absolute tranquility during this Ancient Greek Massage at this oasis of beauty, warmth and relaxation!

Meet up

You will meet with the masseuse at the hammam in Thessaloniki for your massage.

Indulge in the Ancient Greek Massage

Sit back and relax as the masseuse carries out the Ancient Greek Massage.


After your massage you are welcome to use the spa facilities or sign up for another treatment.


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