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Olive Oil tour from Nafplio

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Find out the secret of Greeks’ fit physique, natural beauty and good health! The Greeks swear by this secret - olive oil! Join in on this ancient secret and discover the art of making Greek olive oil! 

For the longest time Greece has been associated with high quality olive oil. And there is a good reason for this as the Greeks have been using and producing excellent olive oil for a long period of time. One of the best areas for growing good quality olives is the Argolis area in Peloponnese. For that reason this Olive Oil tour is taking you to the centre of this area, Nafplio city. Nafplio is one of the most gorgeous port towns in Greece. With its fortress, nearby beaches, charming restaurants and city squares, everyone will fall in love with Nafplio. The incredible green landscapes around Nafplio in a combination with fresh air and sunny days make a perfect setting for growing delicious olives that will eventually make high quality olive oil. 

This olive oil tour in Nafplio starts in the morning hours where you will be picked up by the crew and head to the Epidauria area. Our destination is a charming little village that is known for its olive oil production. Then we will continue through the endless olive groves until we reach the olive mill. There you will find out the secrets of growing olives and all the great benefits they have. Also, the experienced tour guide will teach you all the secrets of using olives to improve your health, physique and skin. After that, our next stop on this olive oil tour is the olive mill where you will learn everything you wanted to know about the production process of organic high quality olive oil. Finally, our tour ends in the best possible way, which is trying out some of the olive fruits, olive oil on fresh bread, some sweets and traditional olive liquor. This tour is certainly the most traditional and authentic Greek thing you can experience in Greece and a perfect way to understand Greek culture!

From EUR 70

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Pick up from the meeting point at 09:00 a.m.

At 09:00 a.m the tour guides will pick you up from either your hotel in Nafplio or some other prearranged location. From there, you will head to the Epidauria. 

Arriving to the Epidauria land at 09:30 a.m.

In Epidauria you will enjoy endless landscapes of olive groves and have the opportunity to walk around the charming and picturesque village. 

Visiting modern olive mill

The next stop on our tour is the modern olive mill where you will discover the secrets of making a high quality and authentic Greek olive oil. Here you will see the making process of how the olive fruit is transformed into olive oil.

Tasting olive based products

The last and possibly the best part of our tour is the tasting of delicious olive oil on fresh and crispy slices of bread. You will also try some amazing olive fruits, sweets and traditional Greek olive liquer.

Heading back to the meeting location at 11:30 a.m. 

After you have seen the production process and tried some incredible live based products it is time to head back to the meeting point.


  1. Nafplion (GR)