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Paragliding Tandem Flight over Mt Olympus

From EUR 135

Soar through the mountains of the Gods on this magical tandem paragliding flight over Mt. Olympus! Feel the wind in your hair as you fly over mountains, vast valleys and the Aegean coastline!

Once a sport for only adrenaline enthusiasts, paragliding is now gaining popularity as a fun alternative activity to spice up your holidays in Greece! Indeed, with trained pilots and state of the art equipment, paragliding has never been safer. We are excited to announce that we partnered up with Olympic Wings, a professionally run paragliding school located right at the foot of Mount Olympus, who are the exclusive organizers of this paragliding activity. This paragliding flight over Mt. Olympus is ideal for everyone, as the only thing you have to do is take some steps to take off and then leave the rest to the instructor. The instructor will control the glide, leaving you to simply enjoy this incredible experience!

Upon arriving at Olympic Wings, your experienced and enthusiastic pilot will be waiting to greet you. Paragliding is a weather permitting sport so we kindly ask you to remain flexible with activity time frames. They will brief you on the weather, expected flying conditions, as well as give you the flying equipment. From there, your instructor will transfer you to the take off point, right by Mount Olympus. Once you find the perfect spot the paragliding school’s assistant will assist you with your suit and flying gear. Your pilot will then brief you on the activity and give you the necessary instructions to carry out as a passenger. When the preparations have all been taken care of, it is time to fly! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly over Mt. Olympus, witness the surrounding vast valleys, and soar over the coastline of Greece. Your paragliding experience over Mount Olympus will reach an end as you land on the beach beside the famous castle of Platamonas, a medieval castle that was once used as fortress. Grab a drink and relax as the team prepares your video of your flight as well as your Flight Certificate to show off to all your friends and family back home! This paragliding over Mt. Olympus experience is definitely a thrilling memory of Greece that you will cherish for years to come!

From EUR 135

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Meet your pilot

You will meet your pilot at the paragliding school, where they will greet you and further brief you on the weather and expected flying conditions. They will give you an idea of topography from our region and the take off for the site you will fly from.

Get set

After reaching the site you will set up the gliders and flying gear! The paragliding school assistant will prepare you individually for flying. They will fly suit you up! Your pilot will then brief you on the activity and give you the necessary instructions to carry out as a passenger.

Fly up, up, and away!

Fly like a bird with the guiding winds of the earth!

Landing on the beach

After a beautiful soaring flight you will come to land on the sandy beach of Neos Panteleimonas on the east Lower Olympus coastline by the Platamonas Castle. You may take drinks and relax while we prepare the GoPro video of your flight and Flight Certificates!


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