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Armenistis Lighthouse Visit at Mykonos

If you are on the hunt for beautiful vistas and Instagram-worthy shots in Mykonos, then don’t miss this Armenistis Lighthouse Visit at Mykonos! This must-see landmark sits on a mount in the Fanari area, proudly overlooking Tinos and Syros Islands and the blue Aegean Sea.
If you can’t get enough of the Aegean blue waters and skies, have a weakness for dramatic scenery and don’t mind going the extra mile to get an amazing shots, then you can’t afford to miss the Armenistis Lighthouse Visit at Mykonos! This imposing landmark is definitely going to be one of your holiday’s highlights. Enjoy this bird’s eye view of the neighboring islands and watch the ships and boats travelling to Mykonos Port from the Armenistis Lighthouse Visit. The Armenistis Lighthouse Visit at Mykonos is a short activity that will make a lasting impression on you and your Instagram followers!


  • Transport to and from your hotel or cruise ship
  • Guide
  • VAT


  • Anything not specified above

Additional Info

  • Pick-up time to be agreed upon confirmation
  1. Car pick-up – A car will pick you up from your hotel or cruise-ship around 9:30 AM and give you a lift to the Armenistis Lighthouse.
  2. Armenistis Lighthouse – You will visit the Armenistis Lighthouse at the Fanari area. You will have plenty of time to walk on the mount the lighthouse is located on. Allow the panorama to blow you away! Capture as many photos as you can here!
  3. Lift back – At 10:30 AM your driver will take you back to your hotel or cruise ship.


  • Overlook Mykonos Port.
  • See a beautiful landmark.
  • Breathtaking view of the Greek Islands.
  • See the Armenistis Lighthouse.
  • Get amazing photos.