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Running Tour Through History in Athens

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Discover Athens, the oldest European city with this Running Through History tour and inject more fun and energy into sightseeing. If you are an avid runner and love staying fit even when on vacation, then this Running Through History tour will give you the opportunity to swish through some of the top historical sites of Athens!
Whether you are a runner visiting Athens for a few days or have just moved here and looking for the best running routes, this Running Through History tour promises to take you to the most visit-worthy historical sites in downtown Athens running! You will enjoy seeing the city from a different perspective, meet like-minded people while staying active at the same time! You can’t afford to miss it! 
Your Running Through History tour begins in the morning as the city wakes up. If you’ve selected Route 1, you will meet your guide, who is a professional personal trainer at the Panathenaic Stadium, a tourist attraction of great historical importance, as this is where the Olympics originated, but also where the modern Olympics were first revived! You will run a 5Km distance passing the Zappeion Mansion in the National Gardens, the Arch of Hadrian, a Roman triumph arch, finally reaching the Temple of Olympian Zeus, a former colossal building dating from the 7th century B.C. If you’ve opted for Route 2, you will meet your guide at the Acropolis Metro Station and run a 7.5Km distance starting with a tour through the picturesque cobbled Plaka streets towards the Thission area, then up to Anafiotika, an area whose architecture is reminiscent of Greek island architecture. You will continue towards the National Gardens and conclude at the Panathenaic Stadium. However, you are fit enough and up for a challenge, why not opt for Route 3, which is a combination of the first two routes and comprises an 11Km distance.  
Whichever route you go for, you are guaranteed to see the best, and learn more about the history of this enchanting city on this alternative running activity in Athens! Stay true to whom you are while travelling, and view the city running with this Running Through History tour. Just put your trainers on and leave the rest to your guide!

From EUR 35

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Meet your guide

You will meet your guide at 9:00 AM at Panathenaic Stadium (Kalimarmaro) by the ticket kiosk if you are running Route 1, or at the main exit (Museum) of the Acropolis Metro station.

Running Through History Tour

You will begin your Running Through History Tour. Your local guide will take you to Zappeion Mansion, the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Route 1. You will run through Plaka, Thission, Anafiotika, to the National Gardens and the Panathenaic Stadium in Route 2, and do a combination of the above in Route 3.

End of tour

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve completed your Running Through History Tour! Your guide will provide you with a bottle of water to rehydrate and a snack. Now you know where all the sites of historical significance are, you can go back and visit the ones you fancy at your own time!


  • See the most important historical landmarks in downtown Athens
  • Run through historical sites
  • Enjoy spectacular views of Athens while running
  • Stay fit while sightseeing in Athens