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Chania Highlights Trikke City Tour

Ride through the historical Old Town of Chania and visit the most important sites of the city on an eco-friendly Trikke vehicle for a most informative and entertaining experience!
If you are looking for the most entertaining way to explore the Old Town of Chania and learn more about the fascinating Cretan history, then this Chania Highlights Trikke City Tour promises to take you on a unique culture tour showing you the most visit-worthy sites! The Trikke is so easy to use - making it the ultimate family fun activity to do in Chania! You will follow your tour guide through the narrow streets of the Old Town, peeling back the layers of history and discover what makes up Crete's unique character. Keep your camera handy throughout this Chania Trikke tour, as you are about to capture some amazing photos!
  1. You will make your way to the local offices in Chania Town. There, will meet your guide and the rest of your group.
  2. Your guide will briefly demonstrate the Trikke vehicle and give you safety instructions. Don't worry; it's totally easy and fun!
  3. Now that you got your Trikke vehicle, you are ready to go! You will follow your guide through the Old Town of Chania, down to the Venetian Port, stopping at all the important highlights along the route! Your guide is very knowledgeable and will talk you through the history of Chania and Crete as you move from site to site.
  4. Once you've completed your Chania Trikke City Tour, you will head back to the local offices where you must part with your Trikke vehicle.


  • Explore the picturesque Old Town of Chania.
  • Ride a Trikke vehicle in the historic centre of Chania and visit all the must-see sites.
  • Learn about Cretan history.
  • Take amazing photos!
  • Enjoy this experience with your friends or family!