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Chania Walking Tour

Explore the Old Town of Chania and the iconic Venetian Port in 'The Locals' Chania Walking Tour! Discover the hidden gems of the city guided by a local and learn about Cretan history and mythology!
Peel back the history layers of Chania as you walk through the streets of Old Town with 'The Locals' Chania Walking Tour! Let your local guide show you all the must-see sites in town, and then some! Discover spots overlooked by tourists and learn more about the fascinating history and mythology of the city!  
'The Locals' Chania Walking Tour begins at the local office in Chania Town. You will make your own way there, and meet your guide for the day and the rest of your group. You will follow your tour guide to a journey back in history as they walk with you through the colorful maze of cobbled streets, and arches, cute street cafes, restaurants and little shops all embedded in the multicultural fabric of the Old Town of Chania.  As you move through neighborhoods like Topanas, Splantzia, Kolombo and Kasteli, you will witness fragments of the Minoan, Classical, Byzantine, Venetian, Jewish and Ottoman civilization, in the architecture that makes up the town's picturesque scenery as well as its monuments. You will immerse into this journey as your guide tells you all about the interesting history and mythology of Crete, but also about traditions that still holds today. You will find the Old Town mesmerizing, and will have countless Instagram-worthy photo-opportunities, especially as you approach the Venetian Port with its iconic Lighthouse towards sunset!
This Chania walking tour has come to an end! Now you know all the best spots in town, you can do it like the locals and enjoy the sunset view at one of the cafes at the port, or simply go back to one of your favorite places of the tour. If you've opted for the tour dinner option, you will you have the opportunity to extend your evening by sharing a culinary experience with your guide and fellow travelers in a local restaurant. What better way to end a fascinating and informative evening?
  1. You will make your way to the local offices in Chania Town. There, you will meet your guide and the rest of your group to start your Chania walking tour.
  2. You will follow your guide through the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town of Chania as they lead you to the most important sites of the city passing a few hidden gems along the way. They will give you information about Cretan history, mythology and tradition.
  3. Once you've completed your route, equipped with new knowledge and experiences, you will say goodbye to your guide in time for you to catch the mesmerizing sunset at the port or any other spot of your choosing!  If you've opted to finish the Walking Tour of Chania with dinner, your guide will lead you to a local traditional tavern where you will enjoy a mouthwatering meal and conversation along with your fellow travelers.


  • Explore the picturesque Old Town of Chania and the Venetian Port.
  • Learn about Cretan history and mythology.
  • Acquaint yourself with local tradition.
  • Take amazing photos!
  • Indulge in local gastronomic pleasures.
  • Enjoy this experience with your friends or family!