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The Battle of Crete Tour from Chania

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Immerse in one of the most fascinating and critical parts of World War Two history, with the Battle of Crete Tour from Chania. Visit the original sites where one of the most important WWII battles took place and learn everything about Operation Mercury!
On the morning of May 20, 1941, the Nazis began an airborne invasion of the island of Crete, known as Operation Mercury. Join The Battle of Crete Tour from Chania and learn all the interesting facts with regard to the 13-day battle that followed. Visit some of the key battle locations, the related monuments and museums and relive a military operation that helped shape the development of one of the most important wars in history. Your guide will give you all the historical facts - including less known details - and help you paint the picture of the Battle of Crete on this historical tour. Are you ready to travel back in time on this military tour from Chania?

From EUR 74

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  1. Your Battle of Crete Tour from Chania begins at 9:30 AM. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel in an air-conditioned minivan, and you will head towards Maleme.
  2. You will visit Tavronitis Village where the airborne Nazi Operation Mercury started and Tavronitis Bridge where the Nazi troops crossed and the airfield of Maleme, the fist battle site that was taken by the Germans during the 13-day battle of Crete. You will also visit Galatas Village where Cretans, British, Australians and New Zealanders fought and fell side by side, but managed to make the first crack into the Nazi operation. You will learn details about the Battle of Crete, and visit local monuments and museums.
  3. Next on your history tour near Chania, you will visit and pay your respects to the Allied Forces cemetery in the area of Vlites near Souda and the German cemetery near Maleme.
  4. After an informative, and intriguing journey back in time, your guide will take you back to your hotel.


  • Learn about “Operation Mercury” and one of the most important WWII battles.
  • Get all the facts and details including information about the aftermath of the battle.
  • Visit the Maleme Airfield and the historical Tavronitis bridge where the Battle of Crete begun.
  • Follow the development of the battle in Galatas.
  • Visit related war monuments, secret shelters and WWII museum exhibitions.
  • Visit the German and Allied Forces cemeteries.