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Thessaloniki Sunset Bike Tour

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Feel the wind in your hair as you bike down Thessaloniki’s iconic waterfront, on this relaxing sunset bike tour!
This sunset bike tour along Thessaloniki’s waterfront is the ultimate activity to swish through the city’s most iconic landmarks such as the White Tower, the Royal Theater, and the famous umbrella art installation, while learning all about this city’s rich history and never-ending charm. This bike tour is perfect for families that are looking for a fun, active activity that everyone can enjoy. If you are limited on time this sunset bike tour is a quick, alternative and easy way to witness Thessaloniki’s most well known monuments, alternative cafes, and hidden spots only locals know! Along the way, you will learn all about Thessaloniki’s riveting past that shaped the city that it is today.
This Thessaloniki bike tour will begin at the White Tower where your enthusiastic, local tour guide will be waiting for you. After piking up your bike and helmet, it is time to start riding down the waterfront! The bikes provided are electronic bikes, also known as E-bikes, making this biking experience a smooth and relaxing one. This family-friendly tour consists of an easygoing hour-long bike ride followed by a stroll through the city that includes a stop for refreshments and mezedes (Greek tapas) as well as several cultural stops to learn more about this historic city. After gliding on the e-bikes for about an hour we will enjoy our first stop at a café right by Thessaloniki’s waterfront. This is the time to enjoy a well-deserved local delicacy. Be sure to check out the water garden alongside the café that is filled with turtles, frogs, fish and other sea creatures. After our snacks, it is time to drop off our bikes and walk to one of Thessaloniki’s oldest mansions that dates back to the 1920’s. Once a home to wealthy merchants, it now operates as a bar. We’ll enjoy some craft beer here as our local guide shares stories of how the beer tradition started in Greece. On warm days we’ll enjoy our beers in the bar’s garden and on cooler days we’ll grab a seat indoors. Even though our tour ends here you’re more than welcome to stay longer with your friends and family to enjoy some beers! Last but not least, be sure to ask your local guide any questions you might have about Thessaloniki!

From EUR 57

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Meeting point

We will meet outside the White Tower, where your local guide will be ready to greet you.

Bikes and helmets pick up

Next we will pick up our e-bikes and helmets to start our bike ride down the waterfront.

Bike along Thessaloniki’s waterfront

We will bike down Thessaloniki’s iconic waterfront for about an hour, observing monuments, art installations and more along the way.

Stop at a local café for snacks

Time to indulge in Greek mezedes (tapas) at a café found right by the waterfront.

Drop off our bikes

Next, we will drop off bikes and take a walk to an old mansion that has been restored and turned into a bar.

Time to enjoy some beers!

Here, we will enjoy a craft beer and hear stories of how the beer tradition started in Greece.

End of our tour

Our tour ends at 8:30 PM but you are more than welcomed to stay longer at the bar with your friends and family to enjoy some more beers!