Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki

From EUR 30

If you enjoy crafting or you are a beauty enthusiast then this Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki is an experience you will simply adore!
If you think that olive oil and other edible products are exclusively culinary treasures, it’s time to reconsider! This Natural Cosmetics and Olive Oil Soap-Making in Thessaloniki reveals the secrets of skin care based on organic, local ingredients. During this informative and enjoyable hands-on cosmetics workshop in Thessaloniki you will learn about revived age-old methods to create artisanal skin care products for all types of skins and purposes. Get a feel for the ingredients including beautiful organic dried herbs, rich and moisturising base oils and gorgeous aromatic essential oils; these are only a handful of the products you will touch, smell and feel. At the second part of this cosmetics class, roll up your sleeves and experience making your own olive oil soap! Take back home your handmade souvenir along with the knowledge of making it anytime anywhere!

From EUR 30

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  1. Our journey in natural cosmetics begins in a local shop, in the city center of Thessaloniki at the requested time of your arrival.
  2. In the first part of our seminar you will learn in detail about the beautiful and beneficial, unrefined ingredients used in natural cosmetics making process.
  3. Play with natural, organic ingredients and bring back home the lovely olive oil soap that you will make within the day!


  • An exciting hands-on seminar!
  • Learn about the benefits of natural cosmetics.
  • You will take back home your handmade souvenir.