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Olive Oil and Olive Tasting Experience in Thessaloniki

From EUR 30

Fancy a taste of pure liquid gold? This Olive Oil and Olive Tasting in Thessaloniki encourages you to discover the gifts of nature and experience what the real extra virgin olive oil is all about!
This Olive Oil and Olive Tasting in Thessaloniki is the real proof of the generally held belief: that olive oil is the gold of the Greek land and the olives are the caviar of the Mediterranean! Join this educational, culinary seminar about olive products in the heart of Thessaloniki and discover two of the most celebrated and internationally recognized excellences of Greece. Gain knowledge on the most important Greek varieties of olives and learn the basic principles of tasting, as well as of the organoleptic evaluation, while enjoying the best Greek harvests of the year! At the end of this olive oil tasting experience take pride in the fact that you will be able to appreciate and select the right olive products. Are you ready to become an olive oil connoisseur? Book your spot now! 


  • Guided, educational tour Olive oil and olive tasting


  • Personal expenses

From EUR 30

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  • The olive oil tasting tour will take place in a local deli shop at the requested time of your arrival. 
  • After a brief introduction on this pillar of Greek gastronomy’s legacy, you will learn the basic principles of olive oil tasting and of the organoleptic evaluation, as well as the characteristics that a premium extra virgin olive oil should have.
  • You will be guided through a technical taste of varieties from selected producers all over Greece, unveiling their amazing range of aromatic hints and nuances. 


  • Experience this unique olive oil tasting experience next to the most knowledgeable people in town! 
  • Learn the basic techniques to olive oil tasting.