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Athens Private Photo Tour: Downtown Athens

From EUR 150

The Athens Private Photo Tour: Downtown Athens is the most accurate way of sensing the city’s alternative heartbeat, and forever keeping it, by capturing it with your camera lens!
If you love photography, and you are the type of person who does not rest before fully grasping the atmosphere of a place, let alone a foreign city, then the Athens Private Photo Tour: Downtown Athens is, by all means, designed for you! By booking your spot in this private photo tour in Athens next to a professional photographer, you will come across the new must of the Athenian urban life, as it is portrayed in the neighborhoods of Psiri and Keramikos. Old fashioned artisan workshops, unique pieces of street art, contemporary bars and traditional tavernas that harmoniously coexist in hidden alleys are waiting to be discovered on this private photo tour! The total experience of the Athens Private Photo Tour: Downtown Athens will elevate your photo skills while engaging in the city’s rhythm. Are you ready to feel the vibe?

From EUR 150

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  • Your guide/photographer of this private photo tour will meet you at Monastiraki Square, before the entrance of the church. There you will also meet the rest of the group.
  • Your photo tour begins in the neighborhood of Psiri, which is characterized by old fashioned artisan workshops, hidden alleys, alternative spaces, street art, and combines traditional taverns with modern bars. This is a scene full of surprises!    
  • Next photo tour stop is Keramikos. Although this neighborhood shares some of the same features with Psiri, it maintains a more calm and bohemian character detached from the tourist hordes.
  • Enjoy a quick break to grab a coffee and have your photos reviewed by the photographer.
  • After the completion of the tour, you will realize through your photographs that it was totally worth it, as both areas offer a wide range of street photography themes and consist of the most interesting faces of the non-classical Athens.          


  • Interactive experience with locals a professional photographer    
  • Gain an insight into professional photography
  • Hand-picked downtown Athenian spots, idyllic for photographs that make an impact
  • Explore an alternative side of Athens