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Shopping Tour Made in Heraklion

From EUR 86

Are you ready to discover a 5000-year-old heritage full of flavors, aromas and art? The Shopping Tour Made in Heraklion is your ticket to the ultimate Cretan shopping experience!
Crete is a feast for the senses, and it is impossible to explore its richness unless you have the right local guide who can unveil the island culture’s secrets! The Shopping Tour in Heraklion, proves that shopping has always been the experiential way of learning the history of a place. This shopping tour in the capital city of Crete is designed for those of you who need a vibrant and interactive way of understanding the past and the present of the island. The Heraklion shopping tour takes you to places one cannot easily find! From open street market with traditional delicacies, dairy products and all sorts of spices to creative shops with modern, handcrafted pieces and fascinating art galleries, be prepared to feel Heraklion with all your senses!


  • Local, English speaking guide.    
  • Traditional sweet pastry (bougatsa), Greek coffee and  homemade ice cream.


  • Personal expenses (additional snacks, refreshments, souvenirs etc.)
  • Tips/gratuities for the guide

Additional Info

  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

From EUR 86

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  1. Your local English speaking guide will meet you at the Lion’s Fountain, which is a well-known meeting point in Heraklion.
  2. Begin your tour enjoying a freshly baked bougatsa, a traditional sweet breakfast treat, in a shop which has been opened since 1922. Get the chance to talk to the owners and find out their beautiful family story!
  3. Next stop will be the oldest coffee shop in the city, where you can experience the process of roasting coffee beans and take back home the traditional recipe for making the famous Greek coffee!
  4. It’s time to visit the oldest open air market in Heraklion. There, apart from local delicacies, spices, fresh groceries and dairy products you will also find souvenirs, handmade leather accessories and numerous restaurants. 
  5. After visiting the traditional market, you will meet the modern aspect of Cretan art. Visit a range of modern shops in which you will find creations from talented, modern craftsmen. Clothes and jewels inspired by the ancient motifs and museum artifacts are just a few of those! Wander around the area and visit some contemporary shopping stores. Try cosmetics made with olive oil, which is a product that Crete is famous for.
  6. Last but not least, watch in action a ceramic artisan in his workplace creating pieces inspired from Minoan figures!


  • You will admire the art of creating ceramic Minoan figures made by a local artisan in his workshop    
  • You will discover handmade cosmetics produced with olive oil, and learn all about their benefits for your skin care
  • You will meet talented Greek designers along with their work that blends tradition with modernity
  • You can buy souvenirs made by local craftsmen who are inspired by the Cretan culture    
  • You will discover the essence of the traditional Greek coffee by visiting the oldest coffee shop in Heraklion