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Street Stories of Chania

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Every street has a story! Imagine though, the fascinating alleys of a city which have been a crossroad between two distinct worlds: the East and the West; that is exactly what the Street Stories of Chania tour is all about!
You cannot claim that you have visited Crete without experiencing the uniqueness of its cultural capital step by step, and that is the reason why you should be part of the Street Stories of Chania tour. The English speaking local guide will show you all the secret treasures that the streets of Chania have to offer, along with the stories which range from old fairy tales to urban myths. This walking tour in Chania includes visits to the famous Municipal Market of the city, the landmarks of the Venetian Harbour, the Ottoman neighborhood, and the Jewish quarter. During our Chania walking tour you will have the chance to both interact with the locals and taste the traditional delicacies that Cretan tradition is widely known about! 

From EUR 77

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  1. The local tour guide will meet you at the 100-year-old Municipal Market or Agora, where you can find local Cretan products.
  2. You will visit the sights of the Venetian Harbour of Chania, which separates the old from the new town.
  3. The next stop will be a lesser-known part of the city of Chania, namely, the Ottoman neighborhood and the Jewish quarter. Enjoy a walk along the “street of the knives”, a district full of stores where you can discover and see thousands of crafted knives for sale!
  4. Of course during this 4 hour tour you will have the opportunity to discover the street myths, interact with local artisans and even participate in their workshops!


  • This Chania walking tour includes visiting the Old Town, the Ottoman and Jewish quarters, and the historically significant neighborhood of Halepa        
  • Part of the tour includes tasting some of the traditional delicacies, like raki and mezedes!    
  • A truly interactive experience. Mingle with the locals!
  • A child friendly tour