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Wine Tasting in Athens

From EUR 40

Join an evening of wine tasting award-winning Greek wines! Learn first-hand from expert sommeliers the difference between Greek wines! Indulge in a wine tasting experience in the heart of Athens to learn first-hand the subtle differences between Greek wine varieties! With the guidance of sommeliers, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about the world’s oldest grapevines, explore grape varieties from different parts of Greece and try, of course, world renowned Greek wines. If you opt in for Class A of this wine tasting in Athens experience, you’ll taste 7 different wine varieties from 7 regions of Greece as well as a Greek spirit or dessert wine at the end of the tasting. Likewise, if you choose Class B you’ll try 5 Greek wines. Your wine tasting in Athens experience will be accompanied by traditional Greek cheeses and cold cuts.


  • 7 different wine varieties from 7 regions of Greece (Class A)
  • 5 different wine varieties from 5 regions of Greece (Class B)
  • Greek spirit or dessert wine at the end of the tasting
  • Expert guidance of a Greek sommelier
  • Greek traditional cheeses and cold cuts to accompany your wine


  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Gratuities


  • Team Α 90 minutes
  • Team Β 60 minutes

From EUR 40

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  1. Make your way to the meeting point at 6 PM that will be given to you upon booking.
  2. Enjoy the next hour and a half, if you opted for Class A, or hour opted for Class B for wine tasting of Greek varieties.


  • Taste 5-7 Greek wine varieties from 5-7 regions of Greece.
  • Learn from expert sommeliers about the world’s oldest grapevines and more!
  • Identify the subtle differences between each wine.
  • Enjoy an authentic Greek experience in the heart of Athens.


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