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Private Spinalonga Daily Cruise

From EUR 1'500

Sit back and relax as your captain and crew take you on an unforgettable private cruise to Spinalonga! Discover secluded rocky coves, beautiful beaches and hidden caves along the way! Hop on board a luxurious private cruise to the island of Spinalonga from Crete for you and your family and friends. Cruise along the Gulf of Kolokytha as your captain makes stop to the most beautiful beaches along the way. Make a stop at the historic Spinalonga Island for some sightseeing before continuing your private cruise in Crete. Choose from a 5-hour excursion or a 6-hour excursion to make the most out of your boat ride! Enjoy a visit to the picturesque village of Plaka for a swim in the deep blue before enjoying a well-prepared lunch at the Elouda Bay. Skip the crowded touristy boat rides and experience the beauty of Crete from the luxury of a private Spinalonga cruise!


  • Professional Skipper and Hostess
  • Autopilot
  • Chart plotter
  • GPS
  • TV/DVD
  • Air conditioning
  • Generator
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cleaning
  • Fuel
  • Passenger and Yacht insurance
  • Refreshments and Fruits
  • Champagne
  • Food & wine
  • Snorkeling and fishing equipment
  • Inflatable toys for children and others suitable for adolescents
  • All taxes


  • Professional photographs
  • Transportation to and from hotel

Additional info

  • All passengers should bring their own beach towels.
  • It is recommended you bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • The schedule may be modified upon clients’ request.


5 & 6 hours

From EUR 1'500

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  • Your private Spinalonga cruise begins at approximately 10:30 AM at the Agios Nikolaos Marina where the captain and crew will welcome you onboard a glass of sparkling white wine and an assortment of Cretan in-season fruits.
  • The captain will cruise around the Gulf of Kolokytha, stopping at various beaches along the way before making a stop at the island of Spinalonga for some sightseeing around the island.
  • Next, you’ll visit a unique pebbled beach in the picturesque village of Plaka.
  • Around 2 PM, you’ll have a lunch at the Elouda Bay.
  • Finally, your captain will approach the old lighthouse at the edge of Crete before returning back to Agios Nikolaos.
  • You’ll return back to Agios Nikolaos Marina around 3:30 PM for the 5-hour excursion and 4:30 PM for the 6-hour excursion.


  • Discover the Gulf of Kolokytha from the luxury of a private cruise.
  • Explore the historic island of Spinalonga.
  • Sail by majestic beaches, secluded rocky coves and hidden caves along your boat trip to Spinalonga.
  • Swim at the unique pebbled beach of the picturesque village of Plaka.