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Prepare Traditional Meal in Local’s Home in Naxos

From EUR 100

Is there a more substantial way to explore the rich Mediterranean culinary tradition, other than preparing and enjoying a traditional Greek meal with a local family in Naxos? If “no” is your immediate response, get ready to join a memorable experience! The process of preparing and sharing a delicious Greek family organic meal during your vacation in Naxos, invites you to break out of the tourist bubble and fulfill your desire for experiential travel! A local family kindly invites you to their welcoming home in the picturesque Kaloxylos Village, to get a real feel for the island and its culture. Fresh seasonal vegetables, traditional must-try recipes and a pinch of Mediterranean temperament set the ideal scene in the lovely, family cooking class. Bring your foodies along and get ready for an authentic taste of the Aegean through an eye-opening cultural experience!


  • Lunch or dinner           
  • Wine/beer/refreshments         
  • Dessert


  • Transfer on demand

Additional Info

  • Please let us know about possible food allergies or special diets.


4 hours

From EUR 100

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  • Your host of the day will warmly welcome you. All you will have to do is to make yourself at home!
  • A bunch of fresh ingredients from local producers will be waiting for you in the fully equipped kitchen to begin your cooking class in Naxos.
  • You will learn the secrets of the local cuisine and cook traditional dishes under the supervision of your friendly host. Get ready to create memorable mouthfuls!
  • Time to taste your delicious homemade Naxian meal. You will share the delicacies you have prepared with your fellow guests in the family yard.


  • Hands-on culinary experience in a traditional house in Naxos.
  • Tailor made menu inspired by the local cuisine.
  • Personable interaction with locals.
  • Learn secret recipes to famous Greek dishes.