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LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens

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In a Nutshell

Dare to dream of a carefree world by joining in the LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens where homosexuality in antiquity was the habit of the day. 

What to Expect

Wander along the Acropolis neighborhood while the ancient sexual practices come to light. Engage in the interactive LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens and uncover great truths about sexuality and nudity in ancient Greece; the homosexual inclination amongst men, the alluring “hetairai” - ancient prostitutes, the practice of masturbation - yes - even philosophers did it, the playboy who desired Socrates, the Greek matriarchal civilization and the island where you could see your typical man in a skirt and the average woman walking around topless. Devour the compelling information on ancient Greek myths and legends and amuse yourself with the ultimate entertaining quiz in the most fascinating gay-friendly tour in Athens. 


  • Local expert guide 


  • Entrance fees/ visits inside archaeological sites.


1 hour

From EUR 30

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  1. Monastiraki Square: Walk towards Plaka - perhaps the prettiest Athenian neighborhood to start the gay-friendly tour in Athens and let the game begin!
  2. Acropolis Hill: There is more to the Acropolis Hill than the Parthenon. The second part of the game will take place alongside the lovely Areopagus view. 
  3. End of LGBTQ friendly tour in Athens: One of the most exciting parts of Athens has just been discovered. Did you make any new friends while you were at it?


  • Immerse in a gay-friendly tour in Athens with spontaneity - no etiquette here. 
  • Absorb new info on homosexuality from antiquity to this day in the most intriguing way.
  • Take part in a whimsical recreational activity - a guessing quiz that will crack you up