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Mythology Tour of Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum

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Explore the depths of wondrous ancient Greek mythological figments. Experience tales of pathos and ethos come to life right before your eyes in this mythology tour of Acropolis, the Acropolis museum and the Temple of Zeus.
Unveil the grand mysteries of fables of the past by simply engaging in this four-hour walking mythology tour of Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Zeus. Discover the enigmatic relationships between gods and men, human struggle and sacrifice, heroism and fateful deceit, narrated and explained by a dignified archeologist and licensed tour guide, accompanying you through the whole Acropolis mythology tour. Unravel the many-to-be found myths of the Temples of Zeus and Athena Nike; visit the Erechtheion and the Parthenon, and many more to be found in this mythology tour of Acropolis. Liven up your Greek mythology tour in Athens with a special 3D iPad and behold the majesty and magnificence of ancient Greek structures and artistry in its entire glory.


  • A mythology tour of Acropolis, Acropolis Museum & Temple of Zeus
  • A four-hour tour accompanied by an exceptional, English-speaking licensed guide
  • Free-of-charge skip-the-line ticket services
  • All taxes and handling fees


  • Entrance fees to the archeological sites (we can pre-purchase skip the line tickets for you)
  • Transportation to / from the meeting point (small-group tours)
  • Gratuities

Additional Info

  • Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of water individually.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • We suggest you arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment, ideally, 09:50 a.m.
  • In case of rain, you will be timely notified about re-scheduling.
  • More languages available upon request.
  • Hotel pick-up upon request.
  • Duration: 4 hours

From EUR 59

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  1. Meeting with the tour guide. Meet-and-greet with the expert tour guide and the rest of the group at 10:00 am, where you will also be provided with your pre-purchased tickets to Acropolis, in order to avoid the long queues.
  2. The Temple of Zeus and The Theater of Dionysus. Start the tour at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, emphasizing on the life of the worshiped father of the Olympian gods. Ascending through the Acropolis rock, the Theater of Dionysus, which is considered the world’s first theater, is the second destination in the area.
  3. The Propylaea and the Temple of Athena Nike. After walking by the Asklepieion, sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios, the imperial Propylaea emerges, a monumental gateway forming the entrance to the holy district of the Acropolis plateau. Gaze upon the Temple of Athena Nike, a shrine built to honor the aforementioned goddess of victory.
  4. The Parthenon and The Erechtheion. Dominating the hill of Acropolis, the Parthenon sublimely arises, the finest creation in terms of both conception and execution. Representing the cradle of western civilization, take your time to appreciate the temple in its entire splendor. Head on to the Erechtheion, the ancient Greek temple considered to be the most sacred of all, where the patron goddess Athena and Poseidon’s battle took place.
  5. The Acropolis Museum and the world-renowned Caryatids. Venturing through the Areopagus (Mars Hill), the tour’s final destination is the Acropolis Museum, where you can behold numerous artifacts and statues that hold memories of the past. One cannot but admire the elegance of the Caryatids, the graceful female figures supporting the porch of the Erechtheion temple.


  • Guided mythology tour of Acropolis
  • Licensed guide specialized in Athenian mythological history
  • Alluring Greek mythology narrative
  • Visits to many captivating points of mythological interest
  • Skip-the-line tickets to Acropolis
  • Age-friendly tour


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